Thursday, August 14, 2008

Chasing the UPS Man

Southport, Connecticut

My last day in my beloved Southport meant running around like a hen without a head as I caught up on all pending errands. Pending because I spent all day yesterday waiting for the UPS Man to deliver the keys to my flat in Holburn. When he didn't show yesterday, I began fretting.

Then, by 10.30 this morning, while my friend Lucy Roberts was in my kitchen enjoying a cup of Java with me and giving me a farewell hug, the long-awaited keys were delivered. They are now in my possession. I could finally get out to Supercuts to get my hair trimmed, to Kinkos to get a bunch of pictures scanned, to Jennifer Convertibles to select a new sofa...oh the list was just endless.

So many friends calling to say goodbye, so many last-minute chores to complete...And that final chat on the phone with heartbreaking.

By 8.00 pm, I had a throbbing headache brought on by stress and the heat and exhaustion...everything just felt overwhelming.

Still, its 9. 30pm, now and with all our bags packed, we' ready to hit the sack early tonight. Picked up the rental car that will take Llew and me to Kennedy airport tomorrow while the rest of the neighborhood is still in bed. We've set our alarm clock for 4 am and if all goes according to plan and schedule, we shall be airborne by 9 am.

Across the Pond and on to a whole new adventure!

When next I write, it shall be from my Roost in London!

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