Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Another Visit to the Physiotherapist...and Christmas (Window) Shopping

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

You know what they say...listen to your parents. Mine had told me weeks ago about Moov, an ointment for muscular aches and pains that is only available in Bombay. They had sent a tube over to the States through my brother Roger and Llew brought it from the States to me, two weeks ago. However, in the midst of preparing for our departure for Greece, I had stashed it away and only now that I have returned to routine with Llew's departure, did I decide to try it out.

If you believe in miracles, you will believe in Moov. I applied some to the soles of both my feet last night before I went to bed...and believe it or not, this is one for Ripley's Records! For the first time in at least seven months, I had no pain in my feet when they touched the ground first thing in the morning. I was so thrilled, I wanted to dance the polka! Incredible, astonishing, amazing. I lack words to express how splendid it felt not to have to face pain and discomfort first thing in the morning. Needless to say, I used another application this morning and have been relatively pain-free all day.

This morning, I had another appointment with my physio-therapist Megan Sumner who was very pleased with my progress. She did some more "soft tissue work" (read a massage of the soles of my feet and my calves) and also used the ultra sound machine to stimulate healing in my left foot which, ironically enough, is now giving more trouble than my right--which had been the one that had first driven me to the hospital. She told me that this is very normal. Patients often tell her that while the foot that had troubled them initially has healed, the other one starts to ache--a somewhat sympathetic reaction, as it were, brought on by signals from the brain during the healing process. She also gave me new exercises for my left knee which still has a bit of pain (because she says, the plantar wraps all around the leg and goes up to the thigh). When I told her about Moov, she said she was very keen to see this miracle medication. We can market it in this country, she joked, and make a fortune!

Back home, I returned to the grading of my students' essays, did some writing on my blog and started to create web pages for my travels in Greece for my website. Then, after lunch, because the sun condescended to show itself, I decided to take advantage of its watery rays and hopped on to a bus to do some window shopping at Piccadilly and Knightsbridge.

Yuletide has arrived in 'Ole Blighty if one goes by the exquisite windows in the major department stores. Despite the credit crunch and economic downturns, the festive spirit has not diminished. Though shoppers are seen at their frantic worst during the weekend, there were enough people at Fortnum and Masons and Harrods where I decided to check out some of the upscale merchandize that this country has to offer the discerning buyer. I found a wealth of luxury items to delight even the most jaded acquisitionist. At Fortnum, there was every possible edible goodie from teas and coffees to jams and marmalade, from chocolates and candy to cakes and puddings, from champagnes and caviar to smoked salmon and pate. The decorations matched the quality of the items being offered and as I scoured the shelves, I created my own little wish list for what I most coveted. Fortnum has a lovely porcelain tea strainer and cup custom-made for it by Herend of Hungary. Now I would love to see that in my Christmas stocking!

I took the bus next to Knightsbridge with the intention of checking out Harrods' handsome inventory. Here, I became waylaid by Ecco, the store devoted to the manufacture and sale of quality walking shoes. My friend Cynthia Colclough had told me about Ecco when she came to visit me a few weeks ago and found my feet in such poor shape. I decided to go in there and see if they could provide me with an attractive pair of walking shoes with high supportive arches. Well, I was delighted to find that they had a mid-season sale on and a fine pair of brown shoes that fit me like a dream seemed to have my name written all over it. Without any ado, I asked the salesman to wrap them up and away with me they went! I am so pleased to get out of my sneakers, in which I have lived for the past four weeks. They are in rather a ratty condition now and it is time I placed my feet in something less clunky, though no less comfy.

Then, Harrod's beckoned and in I went. The sight of so many scarlet wreaths all covered with metallic baubles was just too much. I felt as if I had been hit by a baseball bat, so violently did they seem to whack me in the face. Harrod's had a mass of "traditional gifts" in their Christmas store from cashmere scarves and logo umbrellas to shopping bags and pen sets. There are hampers here too filled with wines and crackers and other temptations. There was also a Limited Edition Christmas Pudding for a whopping 50 pounds that came in a ceramic pudding basin packed in a velvet box complete with a signature seal! Two demos featured a magic black board and instant snow--both really novel but too pricey, in my opinion (as is everything in Harrods!) In the bakery section, I sampled the Chocolate Ganache Cake which was scrumptious and from the same section, I purchased a Cheese and Bacon Baguette which was still warm from the oven. What would I want in my stocking from Harrods? Well, I would settle for their wooden chest of assorted tea bags with the Harrods logo on the top. And I wouldn't mind that LImited Edition Christmas Pud either.

It was time for me to rest my feet and return home on the Tube. I had the sudden brainwave to inquire of the assistant at the booth about the possibility of buying a monthly bus pass as I use buses so much now that my feet are incapacitated. He told me that I could have one for just 50 pounds and that it was valid for 30 days from the date of purchase. I promptly purchased one as it will serve me well until I leave London to return to the States exactly a month from now on December 19.

Back home, I did some more work on my web pages before I decided to call it a day.

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prem kishore said...

Moov must be definitely marketed!
Get more supplies pronto amd slather it on.

You are so positive and so adventurous. Despite the Plantar, you have trudged all over London and Greece.
In Abba's words you are a Super Trouper