Wednesday, August 17, 2016

T'was Mostly Writing Today--and a Drink with Rosemary

Tuesday, August 16, 2016

     After two hectic days involving trips out of London, I was very pleased to stay local and catch up on chores and work. My usual wake-up time is now somewhere between 6. 15 and 6. 30 am--this suits me fine as I get to do all sorts of things on my computer even before the rest of the world stirs.
A Morning at the Computer:
 Accordingly, I spend most of the morning on my computer responding to email, writing a blog post and seeking accommodation in Kotor in Montenegro. I had a muesli with yogurt brekkie with coffee and continued working. Half way through, I stopped to get a shower and shampoo and while my hair dried, I readied myself for the rest of the day. At about 12 noon, I went downstairs, fixed myself a tongue sandwich (my favorite kind and only possible in the UK), packed it up and placing my laptop in my strolley backpack, I headed off for the library--as I am suffering too much of a backache to carry heavy loads now.

Afternoon at the Queen Mary College Library:
    At 12. 45, I left my house to spend the afternoon writing at the Library. I had to pick up my Reader's Card and thought that access to the books would be helpful while I continued writing my paper. In five minutes, having hopped on to a 205 bus, I was at the campus and another 10 minutes later, I was at my carrel working on it. Sadly, although I do have membership now and the ability to use the library and its collection, I still have no access to the college's wifi system! This was highly annoying as I had photographed a lot of pages at the British Library and could not download them at Queen Mary Library. It will easier for me, I realize now, to continue to write my paper at home. Still, I used the next three and a half hours most fruitfully. At 2.30 pm, I stopped to eat my sandwich and at 4.30, I left and went back home as my friend Rosemary had made plans to meet me after she got off work this evening--and I was very much looking forward to seeing her again.

Off to King's Cross to meet Rosemary:
     It is very easy to get King's Cross--just one ride on the Hammersmith and City Line and I am there. At exactly 5.45 (our appointed hour), I made contact with Rosemary whom I know as Roz. She is a long-time friend and I always enjoy her company thoroughly. She suggested a drink and took me to Vinoteca past the King's Cross Station complex and skimming the area I had walked in on my first day en route to Waitrose--which, I would agree, is quite a hike.
     For the rest of the evening, we chinwagged about everything. And we made plans for future meetings and time out. Don't ask me where the time goes when I am in great company. At 7.30 pm, after a white wine for her and a G and T for me, we said Bye. She took the Tube while I went in search of yoghurt and cheese--which I found at a small Sainsburys on Pentonville Road. Then I boarded my train and got home.

Dinner and Bedtime:
     I stopped briefly at the Co-op to buy milk and was home by 8.3 0 pm. Before it got too dark, I prepared an early dinner for myself--soup with blue-cheese filled cheese scone and praline roulade for dessert. I videochatted a while with Llew and then said goodnight. For the first time in weeks, I did not touch caffeine today. This meant that I was not up till 1.00 and 1.30 am but switched the light off at 10.00 pm and slept like a baby.
     Until tomorrow, cheerio... 

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