Friday, November 18, 2016

Last Day in London Before Departure for Israel and France

Friday, November 18, 2016

I awoke in Battersea in Roz's home at about 6.00 am. She was leaving for work by 7.00 am today, which left me time to laze a bit, check email, call my Dad and my brother Russel in Bombay and get some breakfast. I had cereal with yogurt and milk and fresh berries from her fridge and made myself some instant coffee. 
    I then had a shower and hand washed a bunch of my clothes from my trip to Sicily and Italy and hung them out to dry. In about half an hour, I was out of her house and in a bus to Sloane Square. From there, I hopped into the Tube and came to NYU. I spent almost the entire day repacking as well as taking care of the logistics for my trip to the Holy Land to which I fly tomorrow. Between attending to email, printing boarding passes for my Easybus and Easyjet flights tomorrow, talking briefly with Llew who will be on his way to the Kennedy airport in New York directly from work in Brooklyn, and resettling my two suitcases, etc. time just flew.
    I managed to get some blog pages done although I did not have the time to actually do the posts. All of this might have to wait until I return from Israel and France as I am not taking my laptop with me.  It is simply too much of a load to carry around.
     I had a prawn salad from Sainsbury for lunch and continued to work on my repacking. Eventually, at 6.00 pm, I left my office and returned to Battersea. Roz and I intend to have a pub dinner somewhere and settle on an early night as I have a flight leaving from Luton at 11. 40 am tomorrow.
    It will be a long time before I am able to blog again--not until December 11. I will say Bye to you for now. Thanks for following my blog posts and for your very valuable comments.
     Until the next time, cheerio...

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