Friday, March 31, 2017

Homeward Bound After a Capital Week in Washington DC

Sunday, Mar 19, 2017: Washington-Southport, CT.

Homeward Bound:

            Early the next morning, as we wanted to beat the traffic and because a Sunday dawn is the best time to hit the road, Llew and I got into the car while the rest of the Britto family slept. They had insisted we stay for a very special breakfast of halva-puri that they were going to enjoy with local friends—but we declined. We really did want to get home by lunch-time and were keen to get started.

            It was drizzling when we set out but, fortunately, there was no snow or flurries and within five and a half hours, with just one stop to pick up breakfast at a Hi-Hop place in Delaware, we were home.        


            Washington DC had been a true revelation! Little did we expect, when we had started out on our trip, a week ago, that we’d have so many exciting experiences, so many lovely reunions with fond friends and relatives and so many notable first-time sights to see. But for the weather, which was lousy except on the last day—luckily, our outdoor day—we had the time of our lives. Were there places we still wish we’d covered? Of course! We hadn’t set foot into Georgetown, the Kennedy Center or the Pentagon (which also requires three-week advance planning).

            But we are sure there will be a next time—and soon! The capital is much too accessible and our contacts in the area too numerous for us to wait for another 25 years before we return there as tourists.

            Thanks for following us on this journey. The writing of this blog is always worthwhile because I know that I have a handful of faithful followers who read my posts.

            Until the road rises up to greet us again…bye-bye.


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Hilary Melton-Butcher said...

Hi Rochelle - I have read your posts - as usual packed with extraordinarily interesting information ... loved it - and now should I ever visit Washington I know where to go ... I'll be back to read again about the Folger Shakespearean Library ... i.e. take in .. but a great summary of your time - sounds wonderful ... cheers Hilary