Thursday, July 17, 2008

Hauling a Life Across the Pond

UPS? Or Fedex? Or the trusted old US Mailman?

How do I haul a life across the pond? According to my colleague Karen, who is ten steps ahead of me, the last is the best option. I need something called an "M-Box" which isn't a box at all but a bag of sorts. As long as my boxes are no larger than 12"x12", they'll be good to go (into the said M-Box), she said.

A late-night call to my friend Delyse followed. She is my buddy at the local Fairfield PO. Hopefully, she will provide the best (and most economical) suggestions. Delyse, Delyse, wherefore art thou Delyse?

I guess a trip to the Packaging store is on the cards---yawn! Tomorrow is another day.

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