Tuesday, July 15, 2008

The Countdown Begins

OK, UK visa's been issued, air ticket's been booked. I'm on my way to teach for a year at NYU--London! YIIKKKEES!

Picked up some boxes today and will soon get down to the serious business of deciding what I will ship to London and what I will leave behind at Holly Berry House. Decisions, decisions! Imagine stuffing everything you will need for a whole year into 2 suitcases. It's a good thing Llew is accompanying me to London to settle me down. That will allow me 4 suitcases, I guess. Now, suddenly, things are looking up!

My recent birthday gifts included a ton of books on London and the UK (mainly from Chriselle and Chris, bless their hearts) which I will start to read once airborne.

So, I guess with exactly a month before departure, the countdown has begun. I am SOOOO excited!

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